Days like this come around every once in a while, days when I’m tempted to post something like:

And after a while the echoes died out, and all that was left was silence.

But not today. As I often do, I’ll lean on tomorrow, this time on “All Our Tomorrows” by Joe Cocker. It’s from his 1987 album Unchain My Heart, and its chorus offers something that feels like hope:

All our tomorrows find their own ways
And hear the sound of a distant thunder fading away
Well, every lonely night we’ll make our own brand of delight
And take all the comfort we may

Here is is:


One Response to “Tempted”

  1. David Says:

    I was really saddened to see the recent passing of Nanci Griffith. Your blog introduced me to her album “The Last of the True Believers,” which is really fantastic, and her death has made me want to investigate more of her work. Unfortunately, a lot of her pre-1986 work on Rounder and other labels isn’t available for streaming (where I get my music these days).

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