A Few Videos By Bobby Jameson

Originally posted June 12, 2008

Instead of delving into YouTube for videos related to Monday’s Baker’s Dozen today, I thought I’d do something else. My friend Bobby Jameson has been creating videos to go with his songs – some of them unreleased and unheard for about forty years, so I thought I’d share a few of those.*

Here’s my favorite, for the song “Right By My Side” from the album Color Him In.

Here’s the video for “Gotta Find My Roogalator,” which Bobby recorded with Frank Zappa and released on the Penthouse label in 1966.

And here’s a video for “Life of Crime,” an unreleased song, this one from 1985, not from 1979, as I originally posted.

The newest video he’s put together is for a song called “When’s It Gonna Be Tomorrow,” an acoustic performance from 1980.  It’s a spare and haunting song. It’s currently up at YouTube, and will no doubt soon be at Bobby’s blog, Bobby Jameson.

*The videos I featured here in 2008 are gone, replaced by new versions Bobby has put together over the past three years, so I’ve updated the videos embedded and linked here. Note added June 13, 2011.


One Response to “A Few Videos By Bobby Jameson”

  1. bobby jameson Says:

    Thanks my friend…..I appreciate you a lot…..Bobby

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