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Time Is Tight

June 1, 2022

Originally posted October 16, 2009

Whew! A chance to sit down. I’ve been running most days this week, taking care of various obligations and appointments, and time has been scarce. Instead of trying to squeeze in a post with any substance today, I’m going to beg your indulgence and start regular posts again tomorrow with a Saturday Single.

In the meantime, here are some songs that deal with this week’s rarest commodity. Though I like all of these, the Whitfield and Williams tracks really kick. But I’d urge you to try all of them.

A Six-Pack Of Time
“Time Lonesome” by Zephyr from Sunset Ride [1972]
“Tell Me Just One More Time” by Jennifer Warnes from Shot Through The Heart [1979]
“Pony Time” by Barrence Whitfield from Back To The Streets–Celebrating the Music of Don Covay [1993]
“Pearl Time” by Andre Williams, Sport 105 [1967]
“The Time Will Come” by the Whispers, Soul Clock 107 [1969]
“Good Time Living” by Three Dog Night from It Ain’t Easy [1970]

Bonus Track
“Give Me Just A Little More Time” by the Chairmen of the Board, Invictus 9074 [1970]

See you tomorrow!

Saturday Single No. 421

November 29, 2014

With Thanksgiving come and gone, we’re about to head into the long slog of winter. Technically, the season doesn’t start for a little more than three weeks, but weather-wise, we’re there already. And here’s the awful thing: The Texas Gal and I are already tired of winter.

I wrote the other week about the fifteen-inch snowfall that came through here. It was bracketed by several days of temperatures more suited to January than mid-November. And since then, we’ve seemingly fallen into a pattern of one temperate day followed by three frigid ones. Yeah, I know. It’s November in Minnesota, and I don’t expect it to be warm. After all, the average temperature in November here in St. Cloud, according to Dr. Bob Weisman at St. Cloud State’s weather page, is 31.3 degrees (F). But we’ll miss that by a fair amount, says Dr. Weisman. He notes that this November’s average temperature through Thursday is 23.5 degrees, which puts it within spitting distance of being the tenth coldest November on record. And the SCSU site notes that the month’s 17.4 inches of snow – nearly double the 8.9-inch average for November – makes this month the eight snowiest November on record.

Will we catch a break anytime soon? Well, it’s supposed to get to 38 here today, according to the Weather Bug program on my desktop, but tomorrow, our high will be 12, and we’re back into the deep freeze.

Ah, well, it’s November, almost December, and if I didn’t have the weather to complain about, I’d have to find something else. We’re inside and warm for the moment (though we’ll be out for a social event this evening and off to church tomorrow), and we are well stocked with nutritious food, snacks, Dr. Pepper, coffee and beer.

So, resigned and prepared, I went looking for winter songs, and I found one by a band that’s been mentioned here very rarely during the nearly eight years this blog has been cluttering the cosmos: Zephyr. Best known perhaps as the band that had the late Tommy Bolin as a guitarist for a couple of albums, Zephyr recorded three albums in its 1969-72 period and one in the mid-1980s. (A live album recorded in 1973 and a compilation album showed up in recent years.) Of the three early albums, 1972’s Sunset Ride interests me most.

At Lysergia, Aaron Milenski writes “the departure of Bolin liberated the band, and with Sunset Ride, the husband/wife team of Candy and David Givens truly came into their own as songwriters.” Milenski particularly lauds the album’s last track, and that makes it easy to select the trippy (especially for the first two minutes) “Winter Always Finds Me” by Zephyr as today’s Saturday Single.