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A Quick Dig From 1964

September 27, 2011

Just a brief stop here before a busy Tuesday schedule kicks in, but I’ll be back tomorrow, likely to do some more extensive chart digging.

I did take a quick look this morning at the Billboard Hot 100 from September 26, 1964, forty-seven years ago yesterday, and in the Bubbling Under portion, I found a pretty good record that I doubt I’d ever heard before: “Baby Baby All The Time” by the Superbs.

The Superbs were a five-person R&B group from Los Angeles, and “Baby Baby All The Time” was the only time they showed up in the charts, with the record peaking at No. 83. The song, it turns out, has a pretty good history. It was written sometime during World War II by Bobby Troup – who was mentioned here a while back in connection with his writing “(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66” – and became a big-band and pop jazz standard. Among those recording it over the years have been Tommy Dorsey, Nat King Cole and, far more recently, Diana Krall.

I may have to dig into some other versions of the song one of these days, as it’s a good tune. But I do like the Superbs’ version, although there are a few things: The added spoken introduction – pretty much a borrowing of the ending line of the late 1950s and early 1960s television show The Naked City – doesn’t work. And I do wish the lead vocal had been brought out front a bit more. But even with those reservations, there’s something about this record that grabs me.