Saturday Single No. 470

Autumn chores – as alluded to yesterday, some remain undone in the gardens; others not mentioned remain to be finished elsewhere as well – are on today’s agenda. Once the coffee is ready and we’ve both had breakfast, we’re headed outside.

On top of the agenda is changing the two screens to storms; weather and health have so far conspired to keep us from getting that done. As I may have noted earlier, I could – and have, in the past – done it on my own, but these days, I prefer to have the Texas Gal around if for no other reason than to have someone available to call the ambulance should the ladder and I not get along.

And while we have the ladder out, we’re going to inspect and likely clean the nearby gutter where weeds grew this summer in what must be a nice patch of compost that’s no doubt the result of a couple years of ignored leaf clutter.

So, windows and gutters and a few other less worrisome chores. I was reminded as I cooked dinner this week that it’s past time, given the temperatures outside these days. As I ran the dishwasher and boiled pasta on the stove, the window at the kitchen table – exposed to the outside temperature by its screen – was steamed over completely, making the view of the two cars and the garage look like an Impressionist painting.

Here’s a suitably titled track from Shemekia Copeland, though she has far different reasons for being unable to see through the windows. From her 2000 album Wicked, here’s “Steamy Windows,” and it’s today’s Saturday Single.


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