Saturday Single No. 445

A little later than usual, the spring season of outdoor chores is on us.

The Texas Gal’s broken fibula has limited her, and she’s been fretting in the past few weeks, wondering when she would get to uncover the strawberries, clear the leaves from the near garden and begin implementing this year’s garden plan. (More cabbages, more cucumbers and fewer tomatoes, as I understand it.)

And I’ve let a few body aches and some other things keep me from changing the kitchen and dining room windows from storms to screens. I’ll get that done today. (The house has central air, but it’s nice to have the occasional light breeze waft through, and the cats dearly love to sit on the dining room window seat with their noses to the screen, checking out the neighborhood aroma news.) I’ll also haul some of the summer necessities up from the basement and do some general pick-up around the yard.

All of that and more – we hope – gets done today, as we mark what could be designated as Outdoor Work Day No. 1. I’m going to make certain the Texas Gal doesn’t overburden her healing leg, and we’ll see how much energy I have myself. But we should get enough done that come early evening, I’ll have hauled out a couple of lawn chairs and we’ll take our reward for our work, sipping beverages in the springtime sunlight.

And here’s an entirely appropriate tune for the day. We have offered it here before, but that was back in 2008, and seven years is a long time in blogyears, so here’s the Isley Brothers’ “Work To Do” from 1972, today’s Saturday Single.


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