Saturday Single No. 395

The gardens are taking shape.

The strawberry boxes constructed two weeks ago are settled near the garden below the house. Both the bare root strawberries and the plants that the Texas Gal planted in them seem to be thriving.

In that garden below the house, we have numerous peppers – green bells, sweet bananas and chilis – as well as cabbages, eggplant, many onions and one plant each of celery, tomato and kohlrabi with many more of those last three planted in our spot in the community garden on the far side of the copse west of our driveway.

Why the split? Well, the Texas Gal is conducting an experiment. The past two years, we’ve planted potatoes in the garden just below the house along with a few other things. Last year, the peppers adjacent to the potato patch did very little until she dug the potatoes in early August. After that, the peppers thrived. The same was true of tomatoes two years ago.

Over the winter, we’ve read that potatoes are, in essence, unfriendly neighbors and that very little will thrive if planted nearby. So we will grow none this year, and she’s interested to see if the celery, tomato and kohlrabi do as well in the garden below the house without potatoes to subvert them as they tend to do in the community garden.

Along with the bulk of the tomatoes, kohlrabi and celery, our plot in the community garden is home to broccoli and zucchini and maybe cabbages. There are still bush beans, radishes and cucumbers to plant down there and pole beans and a few chili peppers to plant in the garden below the house. And we’ll need to find a spot for dill.

Most of the planting took place last weekend; a bit of it came just this morning before the rain came in. It’s likely to rain on and off all weekend, so the Texas Gal is not at all sure when she’s going to get the last bits done. When the last seeds and plants are in, we’ll settle into an eight- to ten-week period of watering and weeding – I often help with the former but only occasionally with the latter – that’s not quite as challenging as either planting time or harvest time.

And as the end of planting nears, bringing with it the somewhat less strenuous time of tending the gardens, I found one tune this morning that fits here neatly, one I was startled to realize I’d never shared here before.

Here’s Sheryl Crow’s cover of “Keep On Growing,” written by Eric Clapton and Bobby Whitlock. It’s from the soundtrack to the 1995 film Boys On The Side, and it’s today’s Saturday Single.


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