Saturday Single No. 344

My eyes are watering and my head hurts. There is a type of pollen or two (or more) in the air during this late spring week that does not care at all for my well-being. Combine that with a long-time tendency toward sinus infections as spring turns to summer, and, well, you can guess the rest.

(My allergies have been harder to deal with year-by-year, and I’ve simply assumed for the last decade or so that aging was the reason; that could certainly play a part, but I saw a piece in the St. Cloud Times yesterday that offered what might be an additional reason.)

I had planned to use this space this morning to offer an appreciation of Andrew Greeley, the Catholic priest, sociologist and novelist who passed on earlier this week, but that will have to wait until I can think more clearly. So I went looking for some piece of music that could illustrate the way I feel today while still holding some entertainment value.

Searching the RealPlayer for “head,” I came across “Cabbage Head” by Dr. John, from his 1992 album, Goin’ Back to New Orleans. I listened to the tale of the suspicious husband, a song whose origins are – based on a little bit of bleary-eyed digging this morning – deeply buried in the traditions of New Orleans and the Appalachians. I liked very much both the song and Dr. John’s version of it, and I liked even more the fact that the title echoed how my head feels this morning. Then I went off to YouTube to look for the song on a video, and I found a treasure.

The legendary Ruth Brown recorded a gender-flipped version of “Cabbage Head” for her 1999 album, A Good Day For The Blues. The result was saucy, salty, and utterly delightful. I’m going to have to look for the album, and I most likely will dig into the history of “Cabbage Head” sometime soon, but all that will have to wait until my head feels less like a vegetable. For now, here’s Ruth Brown’s take on “Cabbage Head,” today’s Saturday Single.


One Response to “Saturday Single No. 344”

  1. Paco Malo Says:

    Ruth has got the mojo workin’ on this cut.

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