‘The Snow’s Comin’ Down . . .’

We’re almost ready for the holiday. I have a last little bit of shopping to take care of and another few gifts to wrap. And both the Texas Gal and I are anxiously waiting for the mail carrier today: Two last gifts are supposed to arrive by mail. But that’s the only concern we have today.

A couple of years after the Texas Gal and I moved to St. Cloud a decade ago, we decided that we needed to develop some holiday traditions of our own. By that time, my family had begun spending Christmas Day at my sister’s in the Twin Cities suburb of Maple Grove, so the Texas Gal and I laid claim to Christmas Eve.

We don’t do anything too out of the ordinary, but we spend the late afternoon and evening together, first sitting down at the dining room table for a special meal and then watching a movie or two and exchanging a few presents. Eating at the table is rare for us; we generally eat off trays in the living room, watching the news. But once a year (and we should likely do this more often), we turn everything off and dine at the table. In the past few years, the menu has been cold shrimp and potato salad; this year, the Texas Gal had something different in mind, and I’m not allowed to ask questions.

So we’ll be home this evening, she and I and our furry family: Clarence, Oscar Charleston, Cubbie Cooper and Little Gus.

That means we don’t have to plead for somebody to be here, as Darlene Love does in her 1963 classic “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” from Phil Spector’s A Christmas Gift For You. But even though that part of the song doesn’t fit, it’s still one of my favorite Christmas tunes. And it puts me in mind of a wish: Wherever home is for you, may all those who are wanted there be there for Christmas.


4 Responses to “‘The Snow’s Comin’ Down . . .’”

  1. jb Says:

    Sounds like the sort of quiet holiday The Mrs. and I enjoy. We are not having it this year–at this moment I write from the semi-chaotic family room at my sister-in-law’s, where nephews 12, 9, 6 and a niece who’s 1 1/2 are geeked up for Christmas. But we wish you and those who click by this spot a hopeful Christmas and a brave new year.

    And we hope a certain package from Wisconsin arrives in your mail today.

  2. carol Says:

    So sweet. Enjoy your special time together this Christmas! All my best to you both. (And LOVE the Darlene Love!!)

  3. Yah Shure Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and the Texas Gal! I’m trying out a new cookie recipe today for Santa. If they’re a hit, the fudgy bonbons may have some competition at the next gathering.

  4. Paco Malo Says:

    Back to Mono, baby!

    That “wall of sound” behind Darlene Love on this awesome Christmas tune makes me want to give Phil Spector his lump of coal and then a bigger lump of forgiveness.

    Merry Christmas, whiteray and Texas gal. I hope Christmas Eve dinner was a special family feast.

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