‘You’ve Got To Make The Choice’

It was already busy early this morning over at the city’s public works building, where the Texas Gal and I voted on her way to work. Election officials had added seven voting stations to the three that generally suffice for city and off-year elections, and there was a line of about nine or ten people waiting to vote. What that means for turn-out, I don’t know for certain, but I have a sense that it will be heavy today, here in Minnesota and elsewhere.

There is a sense of relief here today that the long campaign is coming to a close. I am weary of the commercials and the junk mail and the shouting. There’s also a sense of anxiety, and I wonder about what I will see this evening as the results come in, not just in the presidential race but in congressional and state legislative races, too.

In the meantime, I’d urge you all – those in the U.S., anyway – to vote today. Your vote matters. No, a single vote doesn’t often decide an election. But a single vote in each precinct in one state might. And in the presidential race, a single state might mean the difference between your candidate winning or losing.

More importantly, the weight of all those single votes taken together adds up to a voice, one that marks positions on the matters being contested, so it’s good to keep in mind that nearly every election is not just a choice among names on the ballot but among the ideas and philosophies brought forward by those folks who dare to run for office.

All right, the lecture is finished. Go vote.

After all, as Sisters Love sang in an entirely different context back in 1972, “You’ve Got To Make The Choice.”

The record, produced by Willie Hutch for the Motown subsidiary MoWest, was the B-side to “Mr Fix-It.” Group members were Vermettya Royster, Jeanne Long, Lillie Fort and Gwen Berry. Founding member Merry Clayton left the group, according to a number of sources I’ve seen, after the group moved from A&M to MoWest. (I’ve seen the track’s title as both “You’ve Got To Make The Choice” and “You’ve Got To Make Your Choice.” Based on scans of the 45 label I’ve seen, I think the former is correct.)


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