Saturday Single No. 121

Originally posted March 28, 2009

It’s Hockey Day here in St. Cloud.

Rick, Rob and Dan will be here soon for our annual table-top hockey competition. This year will be the sixth straight year that we four have met here in St. Cloud, and Rick, Rob and I will be trying to break Dan’s streak of four straight Stanley Cup. Dan has won all four of those titles with the Boston Bruins; Dan’s other teams – Philadelphia and Dallas – have both done well, too. Clearly, Rick, Rob and I have our work cut out for us.

For those who might be interested, the other teams are distributed thus:

Rick’s teams are Chicago, Toronto and Los Angeles. Rob’s are St. Louis, Montreal and the New York Rangers. Mine are Detroit, Pittsburgh and the Minnesota Wild.

(We have the metal teams for Vancouver and Buffalo but dropped them from the competition a few years back to trim a few games from the schedule; we wanted to finish the finals sometime before nine in the evening. The remaining teams from the National Hockey League? We quit buying the little metal teams in 1972 and – to be honest – use the players marked “Oakland” to stand in for the Dallas Stars.)

Anyway, I am short of time this morning, but I thought I’d throw a single up here quickly. I thought about “No Time” by the Guess Who. But that’s too easy. This will be the sixteenth time we’ll play for our tabletop version of the Stanley Cup; our first came in 1968 after I got the game for Christmas. So I thought I’d go to songs from 1968 and post the sixteenth that comes up randomly (unless it’s an utter disaster).

And that’s how “The New Life Out There” by the Neon Philharmonic came to be today’s Saturday Single.

“The New Life Out There” by the Neon Philharmonic from The Moth Confesses [1968]



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