Saturday Single No. 120

Originally posted March 21, 2009

Well, it’s been spring for a little more than twenty-four hours now, the vernal equinox having taken place at 6:44 a.m. Central Time yesterday. It didn’t look or feel much like spring yesterday – cool and drizzly, more like October than anything – and I expect pretty much the same on today’s flipside.

But it is spring, and soon enough, the last stubborn bits of dirt-encrusted snow on the north side of the house will melt and the bare patches of dirt in the driveway will dry out enough to quit taking CSI-like impressions of our shoes when we pass by. A little later will come the greening: The lawn will revive, the oak trees will send out tentative leaves and a few perennials along the edge of the house will bud and blossom. We have a good-sized community of squirrels living in the oak trees in the front yard, and later in the spring, we hope to see more squirrels than we fed this winter, as the little ones eventually take their first leaps from limb to limb.

But all that is yet to come: The grass is still brown, the trees still bare, the ground still muddy. It takes an act of faith to look out the study window this morning and see green. But it will be there. We hope this year to add to that green ourselves. We’re thinking about putting together a large planter box and growing some peppers and tomatoes, a few herbs and maybe a few beets. (Those last would be for the Texas Gal only; beets are among the few foods I categorically refuse to eat ever again.)

So what music celebrates – or at least notes – the arrival of spring? Let’s see what waits in the files.

Well, a search for “spring” finds lots of songs, but most of them show up because they’re by Bruce Springsteen. There’s not much there otherwise. So instead of saluting the coming of the season, I think I’ll mark the current reality, a reality that will end as the leaves appear. And doing so gives me a chance to share one of those songs I love but tend to forget about when compiling lists and so on, the title track to Fleetwood Mac’s 1972 album Bare Trees, today’s Saturday Single.

“Bare Trees” by Fleetwood Mac from Bare Trees, 1972


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