Some More Of Jim’s Horn

Originally posted January 29, 2009

Went wandering on YouTube as usual and found a fascinating video posted by a performer who goes by the name of Junizon. She shared three videos – I think; I may have missed some – from a performance that took place last March at what seems to be some sort of community center or something similar. I don’t know where it was. But what caught my eye and ear was that sitting in on the performance was Jim Horn. Junizon has posted a couple of tunes – Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and a song called “Ponies” – with Horn playing flute. This one, Hoyt Axton’s “Sweet Misery,” has a fellow named Guido Bos at the keyboard and Horn on saxophone:

Video set to “private.”

Here’s a YouTube posting from someone who goes by the handle of gizzymanisla, evidently a producer. The clip, which I find fascinating, shows Horn at work in the studio:

And finally, here’s a concert clip of Duane Eddy and Jim Horn putting out a pretty good version of “Rebel Rouser.”

Video deleted.

Tomorrow, I think, we’ll be heading back, digging into the Billboard Hot 100 for the last week in January of 1972.

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