Thanksgiving 2011

As it has for the last decade or so, the coming of Thanksgiving finds me pondering how much the Texas Gal and I have and how fortunate we are.

And, as is perhaps inevitable during these times, those thoughts of how much we have in our lives get caught up in thoughts of the 99 percent and the 1 percent and get caught up as well in how I see the reactions of many of those who govern us to the plights of the governed. (The reactions of the vast majority of those who govern, it seems to me, range from, at best, a wooden insensitivity to, at worst, a dismissive contempt.)

I am thankful for what the Texas Gal and I have. Both in creature comforts and in the intangibles, our lives here in St. Cloud are amazingly bountiful compared to the lives of many. But it should be noted that a large portion of those creature comforts are greatly dependent on a regular paycheck. In that, I assume, we’re not all that different from most folks in this country: If that paycheck should diminish or disappear, the comfort of our lives will constrict to a degree that I would rather not think about.

So I won’t think much about that today, nor will I spend a lot of time today pondering the thoughts that pop up when I consider the 99 percent and the 1 percent, like the fact that resources are finite, along with the related fact that merely slapping a higher price tag on something – either physically or metaphorically – does not truly increase its value. Those are topics on which I might muse at length another day.

Today, I’ll be with my family: The Texas Gal; my sister, her husband and her two children; and our mother, who a week from today will celebrate her ninetieth birthday. All of them are good for my life, as I hope I am good for theirs. And we’ll catch up on news. We men likely will watch a little bit of football. We’ll share a mostly traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

And I will be thankful for all of that. As I should be. And I hope that all of you have at least that much to be thankful for, too.

Here – as has been the case at least once before on this day – is William DeVaughn and his 1974 hit, “Be Thankful For What You Got (Pt. 1).”


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving 2011”

  1. yah shure Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Texas Gal, whiteray.

  2. jb Says:

    Belated greetings to you and yours. I am always grateful for the online relationships I’ve developed, and for the ones that have crossed over into the real world.

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