Dee Dee & Sly

Originally posted January 8, 2009

Just a couple things from YouTube today.

Here’s Dee Dee Sharp in a lip-synch performance from about 1962, when “Mashed Potato Time” was on the charts:

Here’s an early video of Sly & the Family Stone performing live on television. How do I know it’s early? Sly doesn’t have a huge Afro, and he’s not wearing a big funky hat. The vide at YouTube is labeled “Dance To The Music/Music Lover,” But I’m pretty sure that what the group is performing is the track titled “Dance to the Medley: Music Is Alive/Dance In/Music Lover,” from the group’s first album. And that likely puts the television appearance into 1968.

Video deleted.

Tomorrow, I think I’m going to revive the old Junkyard idea and present a random selection of stuff from 1950-1999, but I think – in keeping with the recent Six-Pack packaging, we’ll call it a Twelve-Pack. Let’s hope we get some good stuff!

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