Saturday Single No. 106

Originally posted December 27, 2008

The mailman dropped off a mystery a week ago today.

It was an envelope sent priority mail, and the return address was the Electric Fetus, a store that sells music, movies and loads of other goodies at its main store in Minneapolis as well as at branch locations in St. Cloud and in Duluth. I stop in the St. Cloud store frequently, but as I held the envelope, I couldn’t figure out what business the Electric Fetus would have with me.

I was even more baffled when I opened the envelope: Inside was a gift card worth a hundred dollars . . . and no indication who might have sent it to me. There were a couple editions of the store’s monthly newsletter, and I looked through them, looking for clues. Nothing.

The Texas Gal and I thought for a few moments, bringing up names of folks who might have sent me such a generous gift. We called a couple of them. No, they said. They weren’t responsible. The folks at the Minneapolis location of the store said they wished they could help, but they couldn’t. The second clerk I talked to there said the gift card might have been purchased in person, or it might have been bought online or even over the telephone. There was no way to know. So we’re still baffled.

And I keep waiting for a phone call or an email asking me if I received the gift. I hope that whoever sent the card gets in touch with me, because I wouldn’t want him or her (or them, I suppose) to think me ungrateful. I am very grateful, and I am very excited.

So along with wondering who might have been so generous, I’m heading out sometime today to the local Electric Fetus. I hope someone provides me with an answer. In the meantime, as long as we’re talking about mysteries, here’s The Band with Paul Butterfield with a scorching performance from 1976 of “Mystery Train,” today’s Saturday Single.

The Band with Paul Butterfield – “Mystery Train” [from The Last Waltz, 1976]

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