Aches & Pains

Maybe it’s Mr. Virus hanging around a day or two longer than I expected.

Or it could be the result of hauling the ladder around outside yesterday afternoon when I scooped a couple years’ worth of gunk out of the gutters. (Two long gutters down, two long ones and one short one to go.)

It’s probably both of those things combined. Whatever the reasons, I feel as if someone took a baseball bat to me as I slept last night. (And despite the way I feel, neither the Texas Gal nor the catboys had access to a bat.)

So, here, courtesy of El Chicano and a track from the group’s first album, a 1972 release titled Viva Tirado, is how I feel today: “Hurt So Bad.”

One can add to this morning’s ails my annoyance that the LP I bought at Ebay last week turned out to be in no better than fair condition rather than the near-mint condition that was promised. At least the dealer refunded my money promptly, and I went ahead and ordered from another dealer another copy of the album in question. When it gets here, I’ll share the cover of “Love Has No Pride” that led me to buy the LP in the first place.


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