A December Monday

Originally posted December 15, 2008

This is one of those mornings when nothing seems to come to mind and other things need my attention: I’ll have to head out sometime today and clear the sidewalk, as we got about four to five inches of snow yesterday. (I went out yesterday afternoon as it was still snowing and cleared the walks once; it seems easier to me to shovel two inches twice than four inches at one time. I might even be right.) I’ll wait to shovel, though, until it gets a bit warmer than –10 F (-23 C), which is what the thermometer reads at the moment.

I also have some household stuff to attend to, and there are several CDs that need to be logged into the files and some other similar tasks. In addition, a couple of writing projects beckon me.

So I think I’ll just call it a draw with my imagination this morning and leave Monday’s readers with a lovely and aptly titled song by the late – and very great – songwriter and singer Fred Neil:

Fred Neil – “December’s Dream”
[Unreleased alternate, likely between 1965 and 1968]


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