Chart Digging: November 1969

Originally posted November 10, 2008

Not much energy for writing today – busy weekends tend to drain me a little – but I thought I’d dig into the Billboard Hot 100 from this week in 1969 and see if I have any obscure nuggets to pass along.

(Given the plethora of CD reissues in the past few years, there are certainly fewer obscurities than there used to be. One can question whether all the oddities that have surfaced might have deserved to remain obscure, and I imagine that in some cases the answer would be “yes.” But one person’s obscure displeasure is another one’s gem. Or, as the mistranslation from the French goes: Everyone has his goo.)

Sitting at No. 78 in the Hot 100 of November 8, 1969, was the first release from Dozier-Holland & Dozier’s Invictus Records, “Crumbs Off The Table” by the Glass House. In reality, the Glass House was a set of vocalists put together by the producers in a mix-and-match approach, according to All-Music Guide. Sherrie Payne, sister of Freda Payne (“Band of Gold”) was the lead singer, with Pearl Jones, Tyrone Hunter and Larry Mitchell joining her. The record peaked at No. 59.

 “Crumbs Off The Table” by the Glass House, Invictus 9071 [1969]

A little but further down in the November 8, 1969, Hot 100 is an instrumental that eventually peaked in the Top Ten: Ferrante & Teicher’s version of the theme from the film Midnight Cowboy. The record was at No. 87 and eventually rose to No. 10, giving the dual piano duo a fourth and final Top Ten hit. (“Theme from The Apartment,” “Exodus” and “Tonight” were the others.) Despite its Top Ten heritage, “Midnight Cowboy” strikes me as a record one rarely hears on the oldies stations. I should note that Louis Teicher passed on in August at the age of eighty-three; his partner, Arthur Ferrante, survives.

“Midnight Cowboy” by Ferrante & Teicher, United Artists 50554 [1969]


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