Tower of Power, Tina & The Pointers

Originally posted October 2, 2008

Well, today’s excursion to YouTube started off very nicely: Here’s a clip of Tower of Power doing a tight version of “This Time It’s Real” from what looks like a club date. Another, briefer clip of the same performance is dated 1985, and that seems about right from the look of things.

But a deeper look unearthed a performance of the same song – “This Time It’s Real” – from a 1973 performance on Soul Train with vocalist Lenny Williams (new to the group on the 1973 album Tower of Power). So we’ll go with that.

Video deleted.

And since that was so good, here’s another performance from that same Soul Train gig of another great song from the Tower of Power album, “So Very Hard To Go.”

Here’s an undated live performance of “Nutbush City Limits” by Tina Turner with a full band. The clothes and the synth solo seem to put this in the 1970s. (Anyone out there have any information?)

Video deleted.

And then, here’s a clip from 1974 of “Yes We Can Can” by the Pointer Sisters, a superb performance featuring the late drummer Gaylord Birch.

I guess a couple folks were concerned this week and asked the Texas Gal if I was okay after I posted only briefly on Monday and not at all Tuesday. I was a bit under the weather, but I’m fine now. Thanks for asking.

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