Saturday Single No. 87

Originally posted August 16, 2008

It’s early yet, so it’s still cool outside, and the catboys are running in and out of the room, dodging piles of boxes as they do. The Texas Gal is sleeping in a little this morning, and pretty soon, I’ll be heading out to a few stores for empty boxes.

We’re about two-thirds packed, and we’ve been told we might be able to move some things into the new place earlier than we’d thought, which would be nice. There’s still much to do, however, and as Saturdays are good working days, I’d better be brief here.

Given the many times I’ve moved in my life – I think the total was twenty-one, going back to 1957 – I’ve moved in every season of the year. One of the hardest was a winter move from Columbia, Missouri, back to Minnesota. It got cold unloading the truck. Summertime moves have been difficult, too. I recall one sweaty move from the dry heat of Kansas to the humidity of Missouri during an August eighteen years ago.

And as I was thinking about it, it seems I’ve moved more often in summer than in any other time. So, just to find a song to post this morning, I’m going to sort for the word “summer” and post the 21st song that pops up (as long as it’s not a repeat of a previous post, in which case, I’ll go with the next song.).

So, let’s see what we get along the way.

Five clicks in, we get “Summer Dress” by the Red House from Facing the Wrong Way, a 1994 album. I’m not sure where that came from.

Eight clicks in and we get the 2004 remake of “Summer Breeze” by Seals & Crofts from their Traces album, which revisited a number of their hits. The remakes, though sometimes inventive, aren’t as good as the originals.

Twelve clicks and we get Al Wilson’s version of “Summer Rain” from his Searching For The Dolphins, an album whose CD release I discussed a while back. It’s a good version, but again, I hold out for the original, in this case by Johnny Rivers.

Seventeen clicks in and we get “Summer’s Gone” by the Danish singer Sebastian from a bonus CD of early songs that was included with 1972’s Den Store Flugt (that translates to The Great Escape) when I bought it a few years ago.

And the twenty-first click brings us a track by a group called Hour Glass from the 1968 album, Power of Love. Hour Glass is of interest, of course, because it was one of the first recorded groups in which brothers Duane and Gregg Allman played.

A while back, I posted the entire album Hour Glass, a 1967 release that was an incredible mess. Power of Love is a better album, bluesy in spots but still far removed from the southern rock that Duane and Gregg Allman would help create in the next few years with the Allman Brothers Band. On the track that popped up this morning, Gregg does a good job, and there are hints in there as well of what Duane could do with the guitar.

So here’s “Home For The Summer” by Hour Glass, today’s Saturday Single.

Hour Glass – “Home For The Summer” [1968]


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