El Chicano & Malo

Originally posted July 3, 2008

Having had El Chicano pop up on yesterday’s Baker’s Dozen, I wandered off to see what might be found at YouTube. Happily enough, there’s a clip from a televised concert – another listing at YouTube says it’s from 1971 – showing the band performing “Viva Tirado – Part I,” which went to No. 28 nationally in 1970. In the clip, the band member who introduces the song seems to indicate that it went to No. 1, which was likely a reference to either a local chart or perhaps a Latin chart. (During the clip, there is clear evidence of either technical difficulty with the visuals or else of the technical director trying for a freaky cool effect. I lean toward the latter.)

As I watched El Chicano, I noticed another listing on the same page for a song called “Suavecito,” so I clicked the link and found a televised performance by Malo, the Latin band led by Jorge Santana, Carlos’ brother. (Love the music, but oh, that sweater vest!)

The clip came from the June 21, 1972, episode of a CBS television series called Rollin’. That show – which ran from 1971 to 1973 – was an offshoot of a November 1970 television special, Rollin’ On The River, which starred Kenny Rogers & The First Edition. (If you’re interested, a DVD set of performances from Rollin’ is available here.)


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