Saturday Single No. 76

Originally posted June 14, 2008

I tried a number of things to figure out what song to post this morning, wandering from topic to topic, idea to idea. I looked for AM radio charts from June 14 through the years, in search of singles that made huge jumps on the charts.

I didn’t see any jumping singles that grabbed me, and one of the local charts I scanned from this week in 1972 made me shudder: The single that had jumped the largest number of places on that chart was “Troglodyte (Cave Man)” by the Jimmy Castor Bunch.

I went to my LP log and did a search. Oddly, I’ve never bought a record on June 14.

But I needed to do something, and rapidly, as the Texas Gal and I are planning to head out to visit some garage sales this morning and then will meet some friends for lunch. So I did a search on the RealPlayer for the word “garage.” The results showed sixty-two tracks, none of which had “garage” in the title, artist listing or album title. Puzzled, I looked a little harder, and I discovered that every one of them had been labeled with the genre “garage.”

Fair enough, although some of them didn’t belong there. I mean, is Sandie Shaw’s 1964 entry “Always Something There To Remind Me” garage rock? Not really. Nor is the live version of “Dimples” by the Allman Brothers Band. But there were plenty of songs that fit right into the garage band ethos, perfectly good for a garage sale morning.

And then I spied a title I’d forgotten I had: a 1965 single by the Canadian Squires. Released as Ware 6002, it starts with – appropriately, considering the recent sad news – a Bo Diddley riff, and it comes back to that riff several times. Beyond that, it has a little bit of the garage rock esthetic. And beyond even that, it has one of the most famous lineups in rock history, as the Canadian Squires eventually became The Band.

So that’s why “Leave Me Alone,” written by Robbie Robertson and recorded by the Canadian Squires, is today’s Saturday Single.

Canadian Squires – “Leave Me Alone” [1965]


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