Eddi, Jackson & Joni

Originally posted June 5, 2008

Found a few interesting videos at YouTube this morning. The first is Irish singer-songwriter Eddi Reader’s take on “The Dolphins,” the Fred Neil song I discussed the other week. The performance was pulled from an April 2005 episode of “Other Voices, Songs from a Room,” a program produced by Ireland’s RTE Television.

Running along with the Jackson Browne entry from yesterday, here’s a performance of “The Load Out/Stay” from Browne’s 1978 Running On Empty tour. It’s a good pair of songs, only slightly dated: I love the references to eight-tracks and truckers on CB. The other vocalists who take solos are Rosemary Butler (who will show up in this space soon with her Seventies band, Birtha) and David Lindley.

And finally, here’s Joni Mitchell with a sweet live performance of “Help Me” from sometime in the mid-1970s, based on appearances and clothing. My guess is that the backing group is Tom Scott and the L.A. Express. (Anyone know for sure?)*

Tomorrow, as it’s the first Friday of the month, we’ll take a look at June 1968 and cap that off with an album from that difficult year.

*If my memory is accurate, a reader left a note confirming my guess: The L.A. Express is backing Joni Mitchell in that performance, which came from the 1974 Court & Spark tour. Note added July 7, 2011.

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