‘It Was Way Past Midnight . . .’

Originally posted May 8, 2008

My comments in yesterday’s Baker’s Dozen no doubt make it clear that I find Double’s 1986 song, “The Captain Of Her Heart,” to be a haunting and utterly beautiful piece of music. Given those comments, readers might wonder if it ever slid through my speakers during an unhappy nighttime. Well, I imagine it might have. I don’t recall the first time I heard it, so I have no idea what time of day that was. It could have even been in the bright light of day, for all I know. But whatever time it was, the song grabbed me with its odd chord changes, its weeping saxophone and its overall sense of despair. And to me, the song will always sound like 4:34 a.m.

Here’s what a contributor at YouTube said is the U.S. version of the song’s video. It’s a mini-drama with a vague and unnerving story.

And here’s the European version, which is simply a performance video, running thirty-four seconds shorter. It’s still pretty moody but not as unsettling as the U.S. version.


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