The Three Degrees: ‘When Will I See You . . .’

Originally posted April 17, 2008

While wandering around YouTube this morning, I came across a video of the Three Degrees performing “TSOP,” a song they were involved with in two different ways. First, the Three Degrees – if I have this correctly – recorded the version of the song that was actually used as the theme to the television show Soul Train with the ladies singing “Soul Train!” in the opening portion before going on to the stirring chant, “People All Over the World!” Then, the Three Degrees provided the vocal background – much less interesting – on the version of “TSOP” that was released by MFSB. The video, however, is backed by neither of those versions but by what seems to be an edit of the MFSB version.

Not satisfied with that, I clicked a few links and found a video of the Three Degrees performing – not lip-synching – their world-wide hit, “When Will I See You Again” (it reached No. 2 in the U.S.) for the Christmas 1974 episode of the British show, Top of the Pops. It’s a very nicely done performance.



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