Crosby & Nash & ‘Page 43’

Originally posted February 14, 2008

I dithered about doing some kind of post for Valentine’s Day – many bloggers are doing so; the most ambitious series of such posts I’ve seen is at Any Major Dude With Half A Heart, where the Half-Hearted Dude has offered a series of posts since last week celebrating music appropriate to the holiday of love. I’m sure many of the other music bloggers out there are marking the day in some was as well.

I decided not to. On the blog, that is. Rest assured that when the Texas Gal got up this morning, she found a card waiting for her on the kitchen counter. And we celebrated early, too, by investing last week in a set of rings to mark our wedding last autumn.

I did look around for some romance-related videos that also had a connection to yesterday’s Baker’s Dozen. I found several videos of John Lennon squiring Yoko around New York City to the strains of his song “Love,” taken from Imagine. That wasn’t quite was I was looking for, so I dug deeper.

A YouTube search for Joy of Cooking brings a lot of culinary videos to the forefront, and I haven’t yet figured out a way to filter those out to see if there are any videos of the musical group. If there are, I still hope to find them. (A quick note to the reader who asked me to post the unreleased Joy of Cooking album, Same Old Song And Dance: I’m afraid I don’t have it. A few songs from the unreleased record – minimally released may be more accurate; I’m not certain – showed up about fifteen years ago on a hard-to-find anthology called American Originals, and I’ve managed to find two of the unreleased tracks, I think. I’ll try to fit the other one into a post sometime soon.)

What I did find this morning was a nice version of “Page 43” by David Crosby and Graham Nash, recorded in Amsterdam sometime during 2005. The song truly is one of my favorites, though when making favorites lists, I tend to overlook it and then sadly recall it when the list-making is done. Anyway, this is a nice version of the song.

Video deleted.


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