Some Daniel Lanois

Originally posted January 10, 2008

One of the songs in yesterday’s Baker’s Dozen that was more ignored than most was Daniel Lanois’ “Where the Hawkwind Kills” from his Acadie album. I suppose it’s true that Lanois is more well-known as a producer – for U2, Bob Dylan and others – than as a musician in his own right, but that’s too bad. Since 1989, he’s released seven albums of his own work, all of them worth checking out.

Of them all, my favorite is 1989’s Acadie, which was his first. Sometimes brooding and spooky and other times playful, the album is sonically gorgeous, with different fine details coming to attention with every additional play. It’s one of those albums that I cue up when I’m in a mellow mood and don’t want to rouse myself but don’t want to lapse into sorrow either.

I found, at YouTube, a video produced for “The Maker,” the second track on Acadie.


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