Bobby Vee Parties On The Beach!

Originally posted November 29, 2007

I mentioned in yesterday’s Baker’s Dozen that, as Bobby Vee lives in the St. Cloud area, I’ve been tempted to look him up and see if he would autography my copy of his 1972 LP, Nothing Like A Sunny Day, credited to Robert Thomas Velline.

An hour later, our friend Stephanie emailed me a photo of her with a graying but very recognizable Bobby Vee, saying in her note that all I need to do in order to meet him was ask! So I will, and I’ll write about it when I do.

For today, here’s the 1962 edition of Bobby Vee riding a motorcycle, cavorting on the beach with some bathing beauties and taking one of them away with him, all the while lip-synching “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.” Notice how, when Bobby takes off on his cycle with his gal toward the end of the clip, his two buddies get on their bikes and follow him alone, leaving the rest of the gals on the beach!


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