‘Diamonds & Rust,’ 1975

Originally posted October 4, 2007

Ever since yesterday morning, when I put together the Baker’s Dozen from 1975, I’ve had the introduction to “Diamonds & Rust” running through my brain.

Yes, an earworm, but this one’s not so bad. I listen to something else and it goes away, only to come back at a quiet moment. And when it does, it brings a memory: It is late autumn of that year, and I am for a moment sitting with my friends at a long table in the student union at St. Cloud State, laughing at someone’s ribald remark and listening to Joan Baez as she sings from the jukebox against the wall.

So why fight it? Here’s a video of Baez in concert in 1975, evidently closing the show – or at least her portion of it – with “Diamonds & Rust.”


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