The Boss and Courtney In St. Paul

Originally posted September 20, 2007

Given that we took a look at 1984 yesterday, I thought I’d drop by YouTube and see if I could find one of the top videos from that year. And I succeeded.

The video for “Dancing in the Dark,” one of seven Top Ten singles pulled from Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A. album, was one of the year’s most popular videos, eventually winning an MTV Video Music Award for best stage performance. Filming for the Brian DePalma- directed video took place in June of that year at the now-demolished St. Paul Civic Center, where Springsteen was starting his summer tour.

Finally, the video is notable for the identity of the young lady whom Springsteen pulls out of the audience and dances with during the closing moments. It’s a young Courteney Cox, who turned twenty the month the video was filmed and would, of course, go on to star in the TV series Friends.


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