Forty-One Years

The Assembled Multitude – “Ohio” [1970]


One Response to “Forty-One Years”

  1. Jess Pike Says:

    The Vietnam War was escalated over several presidential terms, but Nixon and his staff lied to the American public and distorted documents to fit their own personal agendas and bias views of society.

    I participated in many anti-war protests in Florida, blocked courthouse steps and we were never shot, occasionally tear gassed and arrested for unlawful demonstrations a $20.00 fine back then.

    Made the pilgrimage to Kent state to see where it all happened, when shots rang out the students had stopped and were dispersing to their dorms and class’s. Troop G fired 67 shots into a unarmed crowd of students killing four, injuring nine more leaving one paralyzed and others maimed for life.

    More about Kent State May 4 —

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