‘I Have Always Thought . . .’

Originally posted July 26, 2007

A while back, talking about 1978, a song by the Rutles popped up. For this week’s video, I found the piece produced to go along with “Cheese and Onions,” a song supposedly taken from the Rutles’ 1969 album, Yellow Submarine Sandwich. The song was included in the first Rutles film, 1978’s All You Need Is Cash, but I’m not sure if the video – which artfully mimics the style of the Beatles’ 1968 animated film, Yellow Submarine – is from 1978 or from the long-delayed sequel, 2003’s Can’t Buy Me Lunch. Either way, from the Lennon-ish vocal with its “Oh, no” and the dead-on backing tracks right through the animation for the video, the producers got it right.

The Rutles – “Cheese and Onions” [1978]


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