Originally posted July 2, 2007

In my post a few weeks ago about the song “Rock and Roll Heaven” and its two versions, I wrote – based on an exchange of emails with Alan O’Day, one of the co-writers of the song – that the producers of the Righteous Brothers’ 1974 hit version of the song re-wrote the song’s second verse without consulting O’Day or his co-writer, John Stevenson.

I got a courteous note from Alan O’Day this week, pointing out that I had misread a point in one of the emails we exchanged while I was researching the post.

“If you re-read my email,” Alan wrote to me, “you’ll see that it was the Righteous Brothers (probably Bill [Medley]) who, much later, did a re-write without contacting us.”

He adds that he has “nothing but praise” for the Righteous Brothers’ version of the song as well as for the “very honorable dealings with us” of the Righteous Brothers’ producers, Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter.

My apologies for the error, and my thanks to Alan O’Day for pointing it out.


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