Randy Newman’s Americana

Originally posted January 21, 2007

Randy Newman’s score for The Natural (1984) is a classic in its genre, by turns heroic, whimsical and Coplandesque.

It was nominated for an Oscar, but the award went to Maurice Jarre for his score for A Passage To India, which I recall as a sound helping of Jarre’s usual glistening romanticism: good work but nowhere near as singular, to my mind, as Newman’s work for The Natural.

On the other hand, as Jarre implied in his acceptance speech, had Mozart been eligible for the score for Amadeus, none of the modern boys would have had a chance to hold that year’s statue!

Still, the score for The Natural remains a delight.

I found it on a blog somewhere (via a sequence of links I cannot replicate) and have rezipped it and uploaded it. It’s 47.6 MB ripped at 192.

Randy Newman – S0undtrack to The Natural [1984]


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