Getting Back To Thirteen From 1975

Originally posted April 5, 2007


Got a note this morning pointing out that the Allman Brothers Band’s album Enlightened Rogues, from which I pulled “Pegasus” for yesterday’s Baker’s Dozen, is from 1979, not 1975. Somehow, when I ripped the album from CD way back when, I mistakenly tagged “Pegasus” as 1975 instead of 1979.

I admit to wondering about the date when “Pegasus” came up on the RealPlayer during my 1975 random play, and I should have checked it out. It looks like 1975 was the year for Win, Lose or Draw, and I guess I got confused.

Well, these things happen, and as much as it annoys me, there are far worse things that could happen. Thanks to the anonymous reader for the heads-up!

To bring my offerings from 1975 back to the required thirteen, here’s “You Can’t Lose What You Never Had,” from Win, Lose or Draw.

I’ll have what I hope is a treat for you tomorrow, an LP that I once again had no idea I owned until I came across it by accident!


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